Zohreh started oFlo while on her own journey of finding the best sustainable menstrual cycle products. Knowing that many disposables are harmful to womens health and the environment, Zohreh first started using a menstrual cup, but was still using liners and pads for the beginning, end and night time of her cycle. Not being able to find a completely plastic free, simple pad or liner to buy, the quest began to make her own! 


After a lot of researching fabrics and designing, the pads were made and after positive feedback from friends and family that had tried them, Zohreh decided to share them to the world...and every order received, we are truly honoured you've chosen oFlo for your plastic free period journey! 

Pads are donated to charities and womens refugee support programs every few months to do our bit. 

Pads are made mainly by Zohreh, with help from her sister from time to time! All energy used is solar or renewable. Scraps of material are kept and reused for craft projects - no waste in sight!