Reusable Two Sided Face Rounds

Our reusable rounds feature two sides; a layer of organic cotton and bamboo super soft fleece (off cuts from our pads!), and a beautiful organic cotton waffle on the other side.


The fleece side is perfect for cleansing and toning and the waffle side is great for lightly exfoliating your skin.

These can be added to a normal wash, or simply hand washed with a natural soap.

Psst!…The stain remover we sell is perfect for washing these quickly and easily - just rub a small amount on one, work it in, wash and dry, and your done!


You can choose a pack of 2 or 5.

Reusable Two Sided Face Rounds

£4.50 Regular Price
£4.05Sale Price

Organic cotton waffle fabric and organic cotton and bamboo fleece. 

Organic cotton thread.