Single Flo Pad - Patterned

These pads are most similar to standard size disposables – great for light, medium and heavy flow days.

Our pads feature a one longer wing to reduce bulk when fastened, making them more comfy too! They’re finished with a metal, rust proof and nickel free popper. No plastic in sight!
The top layer is organic cotton jersey, and the backing is absorbent organic cotton and bamboo fleece.

The materials used for our pads are manufactured with no chemicals or harmful finishes.

9” Pads come in three flow options. For more info on the fabrics we use, please see the FAQ page.


Light – One layer of organic cotton Zorb (super absorbent fabric!)
Medium – One layer of Zorb with an extra waste piece in centre, and 1 layer of organic cotton and bamboo absorbent fleece.
Heavy – Two layers of Zorb with an extra waste piece in the centre.

Using the extra middle pieces not only give you more protection, but also minimises fabric waste – win win!
We don’t bother with branded labels – we feel this is a wasted use of material and resources. After all – the pads aren’t about us – they’re about keeping you and the Earth healthy!

Single Flo Pad - Patterned

£11.00 Regular Price
£9.35Sale Price

Top: Rainbow, Plant, Arrow and Mustard Drops print organic cotton jersey. 
Centre: Organic cotton Zorb (super absorbent fabric, can absorb 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds. The equivalent of 6 layers of terry towel! This fabric is hypo-allergenic and breathable - so is perfect for our pads. Just make sure not to use fabric softener when washing as this can reduce absorbency by softening absorbent fibres.
Back: Organic cotton and bamboo absorbent fleece - A natural, quality fleece made with 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo fleece has antibacterial properties, is breathable, soft and also super absorbent.

Organic cotton thread. Metal nickel free, rust proof fastening.