Single Liner - Plain

Liners are perfect for everyday use, alongside a cup or for super light/spotting days.


Made using natural and organic materials, the liners consist of a top layer of organic cotton jersey and a backing of absorbent organic cotton and bamboo fleece, with another layer of fleece inside for more absorbency. 


These liners feature a one longer wing to reduce bulk when fastened and improve comfort. They’re finished with a metal, rust proof and nickel free popper. No plastic in sight!

We don’t add brand labels – we feel this is a wasted use of material and resources. After all – the pads aren’t about us – they’re about keeping you and the Earth healthy!


Top Tip! Where liners and pads with a snug fitting pair of underwear for best fit and comfort. 


Please note: we don't send printed order forms out, but please let us know if you would like one so we can include this in addition to your email confirmation. 

Single Liner - Plain


Top: Natural slub, Black, Charcoal or Claret organic cotton jersey. 
Centre in regular liners: Organic cotton and bamboo absorbent fleece.
Back: Organic cotton and bamboo absorbent fleece. 

Organic cotton thread. Metal nickel free, rust proof fastening.