Test Set -1 Liner, 1Flo Pad

Try a liner and pad to see how you flo with us. If this is your first time using reusables, just remember it's like starting your period all over again and will always take an adjustment time no matter what product you go for. 


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The liner included in this test set is the Reuglar liner, with a layer of absorbent fleece inside. This liner is great for use alongside a mooncup or for light spotting. They're even great for everyday use if you have a lot of CM (cervical mucus) - which is totally normal! 


You can choose which Flo pad you would like between Light, Regular and Heavy flow, and a combination of fabrics we have on offer for the top layer. Please let us know what colour you'd like. You can choose for both to be in one colour, or can mix fabrics from the following:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Arrow Print
  • Plant Print
  • Natural 


You read full decriptions of these by clicking here for the liner, and here for the Flo pads. 


*One use per customer. 

Test Set -1 Liner, 1Flo Pad


Top: Organic cotton jersey (various colours)
Centre: Liner - organic cotton and bamboo fleece.

Flo Pad - Organic cotton Zorb (super absorbent fabric, can absorb 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds. The equivalent of 6 layers of terry towel! This fabric is hypo-allergenic and breathable - so is perfect for our pads. Just make sure not to use fabric softener when washing as this can reduce absorbency by softening absorbent fibres.
Back: Organic cotton and bamboo absorbent fleece - A natural, quality fleece made with 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Bamboo fleece has antibacterial properties, is breathable, soft and also super absorbent.

Organic cotton thread. Metal nickel free, rust proof fastening.